Retail Commercial Lease Lawyer

Our experienced retail commercial lease lawyers in Toronto provide comprehensive legal guidance to both landlords and tenants in all aspects of commercial leasing transactions, including negotiating and drafting lease agreements, resolving disputes, and advising on regulatory compliance.

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Retail Commercial Lease Lawyer in Toronto

A commercial lease is a legally binding, written agreement between a landlord and a business tenant pursuant to which the tenant obtains possession of a commercial space in exchange for rent. Such leases are often long, complex and require the expertise of an experienced retail commercial lease lawyer. Lease payments are often one of the largest expenses of any new business. Be certain to obtain legal advice prior to executing an agreement of such significance.

Commercial Leasing Services

GLG LLP has established a robust commercial lease and commercial real estate practice. The firm regularly advises clients and assists with lease agreements for small business and property owners. Their services include:

  • Lease reviews and other due diligence;
  • Negotiating the terms of a commercial lease;
  • Landlord and tenant disputes; and
  • Drafting leases for property owners.

The commercial lease lawyer at GLG LLP in Toronto, draw upon their extensive business law experience to assist business clients with all aspects of negotiating and finalizing lease agreements. Meticulous and detail-oriented, they take care of the fine print, logistics, and negotiations to secure an optimal space for their clients’ business ventures.

GLG LLP can assist clients on a one-time basis or can be retained as outside general counsel to help with multiple lease agreements as the business grows. They will re-negotiate lease terms if the business needs change, or handle dispute resolution should any problems arise with the landlord.

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Contact GLG LLP in downtown Toronto for assistance with finalizing or renewing a commercial lease agreement. Their commercial lawyers have extensive experience drafting and reviewing lease agreements of various sizes and across multiple industries.

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Understanding Commercial Leases

Commercial leases include a number of terms and conditions not always found in residential leases. These can include:

  • Repair clauses;
  • Leasehold improvements;
  • Taxes;
  • Escape Clauses;
  • Sublet Clauses;
  • Options for first refusal;
  • Space and services included; and
  • Type of business permitted to operate on-premises.

In order to minimize risk, it is imperative to obtain guidance and legal advice from a commercial leasing lawyer who is well versed in negotiating the often complex nuances that go into a commercial lease agreement.

Understanding Commercial Leases

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