Experienced Corporate and Civil Litigators in Toronto

Litigation can be a daunting proposition due to the extensive time and cost involved. However, sometimes litigation is the best, or only, option to solve a problem. The litigation lawyers at GLG LLP provide clients with exceptional advocacy and representation in court while offering rates more reasonable than other firms in the downtown core.

The firm’s litigation partner, Ryan Kerr, joined GLG LLP as an accomplished legal advocate, building experience at one of Canada’s leading litigation firms. He makes it a priority to handle litigation files as efficiently and effectively as possible through his bold courtroom strategy and considerable negotiation skills. Ryan is also skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration and mediation.

The GLG LLP Advantage: Skilled Advocacy, Best-in-Class Client-Communication

Inside the courtroom, the firm provides exceptional trial advocacy. Outside the courtroom, they are committed to first-rate client communication. Litigation is a lengthy endeavour and GLG LLP recognizes the importance of keeping clients informed throughout the process. Clients need to know their matter is progressing as expected, and not suffering unnecessary delays that can lead to higher costs down the road. The firm makes it a priority to regularly provide progress reports to their clients, ensuring they’re always aware of the latest developments in their case. Above all else, the firm’s philosophy is that every client is to be treated as a VIP and receive the respect and attention they deserve.

Strength in Numbers

The lawyers at GLG LLP work as a team, sharing their varied and extensive knowledge and experience when a matter calls for it. The lawyers take advantage of their pooled knowledge on matters such as real estate and corporate law. When an existing client has a matter requiring litigation, they work together to share background details specific to the client and the matter at hand. This enables them to collaborate on document preparation and trial strategy, making the process efficient and cost-effective for their clients.

Skilled Toronto Lawyers Providing Top Tier Litigation

The firm has a background in courtroom advocacy across a wide range of matters, and they represent plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of legal issues, including:

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Contact GLG LLP in downtown Toronto for assistance with any corporate or civil litigation matter. The firm’s litigators provide efficient and skilled trial advocacy for a range of legal issues. Call the firm at 416-272-7557 or contact them online to schedule a confidential consultation.