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Employment Litigation Lawyer in Toronto

The workplace is a prime source of legal disputes. When these issues escalate and the parties are unable to resolve the matter themselves, it may become necessary to seek services of employment litigation lawyer. GLG LLP provides employment litigation services to both employers and employees for a range of workplace matters.

Ryan Kerr, the firm’s litigation partner, has experience representing clients in a variety of employment matters in court as well as various methods of alternative dispute resolution. He will carefully review the circumstances with each client and advise on the most appropriate resolution method available with respect to cost and efficiency.

Representing Employees and Employers in Multiple Employment Issues

Workplace disputes can arise at all stages of employment, from the hiring process through to termination or resignation. GLG LLP will advise employers on proactive steps aimed at managing risk and avoiding litigation, such as termination strategy and best practices. When dispute resolution becomes necessary, the firm represents employers or employees in court or through negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

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Contact GLG LLP in downtown Toronto for assistance with any employment litigation matter. The firm’s litigation lawyers represent both employees and employers in a range of employment issues. Call the firm at 416-272-7557 or contact them online to schedule a confidential consultation.

Common Employment Litigation Issues

The following are examples of the most common employment issues that lead to litigation:

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