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Debt Collection Lawyer

When a business has significant outstanding debts owing, it is disruptive and can have an impact on day-to-day operations. Collecting on debt is a notoriously time-consuming and often frustrating endeavor, requiring tenacity and skill. A debt collection lawyer experienced in debt recovery will be able to act quickly to assess a debtor’s ability to pay, locate hidden assets and enforce repayment.

Experience and Honesty in Debt Recovery Actions

Debt collection lawyers at GLG LLP are experienced in debt collection actions, representing creditors seeking to collect. They gained experience initially at some of Toronto’s largest firms and bring that knowledge to their clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. They pride themselves on being in a position to offer the skill and experience of a large firm while providing the accessible service and attention to detail their clients value.

Not every debt recovery action is worth pursuing. Our litigation lawyers at firm will conduct necessary searches to assess a debtor’s financial position and advise a client if litigation is likely to produce a positive outcome.

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Our debt collection lawyer at GLG LLP in downtown Toronto will provide effective advocacy in any debt collection litigation matter. They are proficient trial advocates and will work to ensure a positive outcome for creditors seeking to claim what is owing to them.

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Debt Collection Lawyer

The litigators at GLG LLP have significant experience in representing clients seeking financial recovery. They can assist businesses and individual creditors with a range of debt collection matters, including:

  • Accounts receivable;
  • Enforcement of contractual debt;
  • Multi-jurisdictional debt matters;
  • Return of valuable assets;
  • Debt recovery related to the sale of goods; and
  • Realizing on a lender’s security

When there is concern a debtor will relocate or otherwise seek to dispose of their assets, they will seek a freezing order, also known as a Mareva injunction. In order to secure this remedy, a plaintiff must be able to establish that there is a strong likelihood they will be successful against the defendant in court. The ability to move assets around electronically means that such an order must be sought quickly and skillfully.

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