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Legal Guidance to Your Businesses

Corporate lawyers at GLG LLP provide practical, strategic and sound legal guidance to businesses of all sizes, from newly formed start-ups to established multi-national corporations.

The firm helps companies understand and manage risk, navigate the legalities of operating a business, meet legal and financial obligations, and grow over time. Representing clients ranging from new ventures to established companies, the business lawyers at GLG LLP are innovative, bold, and entrepreneurial. They build strong, long-term relationships with clients through regular communications and updates, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention.

The corporate lawyers at GLG LLP honed their skills at some of the most prestigious firms in Toronto. They created their own firm with the goal of combining high-end legal solutions with superior client service for each and every client. At GLG LLP, every client is considered a “big fish” deserving of VIP treatment.

Business Lawyers

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GLG LLP corporate in Toronto assists companies of all sizes with their day-to-day business law needs and with any urgent issues. The firm offers exceptional client service, Bay Street experience and an extensive range of services for any business, large or small.

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Extensive Business Knowledge

The corporate lawyers at GLG LLP can assist with all aspects of business law, including the most important elements of building and evolving a business venture. Services include:

GLG LLP tailors their legal services to meet the needs of their clients, be it on an ad hoc basis, on an ongoing basis, or as part-time in-house legal counsel.

Business Lawyers

Commercial & Corporate Litigators On-Hand

While many firms are forced to refer clients to outside counsel should a dispute proceed to litigation GLG LLP has an in-house litigation department. The firm is ready to handle any issue, with corporate lawyers who are familiar with a client’s business and their individual circumstances. Their team will collaborate when necessary in order to resolve each matter as efficiently as possible. Their litigation experience also means they are skilled at identifying and proactively addressing issues likely to lead to litigation down the road.

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