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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

Our commercial real estate lawyer at GLG LLP have extensive knowledge of all aspects of commercial real estate transactions and have represented numerous clients in the corporate, retail, and cannabis sectors. Drawing upon their extensive business law and real estate practices, the firm offers comprehensive guidance and practical legal advice to commercial real estate clients. GLG LLP can assist with all aspects of a commercial real estate transaction, including:

Real Estate Transactions

Handling Commercial Real Estate Transactions from Start to Finish

The commercial real estate lawyers at GLG LLP in Toronto can assist with due diligence, negotiate offers and agreements of purchase and sale, facilitate sales, financing, purchasing, vendor takebacks, and mortgages.

GLG LLP provides clients with in-depth guidance throughout each commercial real estate transaction. They will manage risk and protect the rights of their clients throughout every transaction, ensuring each client is positioned for success.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

GLG LLP provides first-rate legal skills on par with the biggest firms in Toronto while developing and maintaining excellent working relationships with each of their clients.

The firm’s focus on corporate and commercial law, real estate law and litigation make them an ideal firm to handle any commercial real estate transaction, from simple deals to highly complex multi-party agreements. Call GLG LLP at 416-272-7557 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.

On-Hand Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Most real estate law firms are made up exclusively of transactional lawyers, meaning that if litigation becomes necessary, clients must seek outside counsel to represent them in court. At GLG LLP, their commercial real estate lawyers are ready to handle any litigation in-house, with lawyers who are already familiar with the file and the related issues. In addition, because of their extensive litigation experience, they are adept at identifying and proactively addressing issues likely to lead to litigation in the future.

They also have a division of the firm dedicated to business law, which can work concurrently with the real estate team on issues such as the purchase or sale of a business or financing matters. Client service is the driving force of the firm, and part of that is the ability to offer comprehensive service to each client on matters touching on multiple areas of law.

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