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Purchase & Sale Of A Business

Toronto Business Lawyers for the Purchase or Sale of a Business

Whether starting a new venture or winding one up, many entrepreneurs will need to consider the purchase or sale of a business. These transactions are often quite complex, touching on financial, real property and tax considerations. The business lawyers at GLG LLP have the experience and the resources necessary to guide clients through the purchase or sale of a business while protecting their interests and mitigating their exposure to risk.

GLG LLP Assists with Simple and Complex Purchases or Sales

Selling a Business

After spending time, money, and manpower developing, growing, and evolving a venture, selling a business is a big decision and can be a daunting task. Advance planning and consulting with a knowledgeable business lawyer will help a business owner obtain the best price and minimize their risk in a sale. GLG LLP helps clients identify risk, mitigate potential issues and ensure a successful transaction.

Buying a Business

Starting out a new venture is risky, and a good way to mitigate some of that risk is to purchase an existing business rather than growing one from the ground up. However, due diligence is critical for anyone looking to acquire an existing entity and the associated brand, assets, or real property. A trusted and experienced lawyer will ensure their client is protected from legal, tax or reputational risks through careful review of all facets of a purchase. GLG LLP helps clients thoroughly evaluate a prospective business, assess their options, make sure they pay a fair price, and successfully grow their new venture.

Real Estate Lawyers On-Hand

When purchasing or selling a business, real property is often involved. Whether the existing business was party to a commercial lease or owned property outright, a purchase or sale transaction will often require the skills of an experienced real estate lawyer. GLG LLP has a branch of the firm dedicated to the practice of commercial real estate law, saving clients from having to seek outside counsel on this aspect of a business transaction. The lawyers often work together on complex transactions, saving clients time and money by managing all aspects of a deal in-house.

Contact GLG LLP for Trusted Guidance with Purchasing or Selling a Business

Given the complex issues that can arise when purchasing or selling a business, it is best to consult with a lawyer with broad corporate experience. GLG LLP works with companies of all sizes and across various industries. The firm regularly advises business owners on the best way to proceed with respect to the buying or selling of a business, while protecting their clients’ interests. To speak with a GLG LLP business lawyer, fill out the online form or call 416-272-7557.