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Skilled Breach of Contract Lawyer in Toronto

A contract is a set of binding obligations and rights between two or more parties. If one of these parties fails to perform its obligations, the non-breaching party may bring a claim to enforce its rights at law in court.

Our breach of contract lawyers at GLG LLP have considerable experience in drafting contracts and other business agreements. They understand the fundamental importance of ensuring that the terms of the contract are unambiguous. When a party fails to honour their obligations, they will represent their clients in court to secure fair compensation or an equitable remedy for any loss.

Breach of Contract Lawyer At GLG LLP

Contact GLG LLP in downtown Toronto for assistance with litigation relating to breach of contract or other contract disputes. The firm’s litigators provide efficient and skilled trial advocacy for a range of legal issues and will look to settle your matter quickly and efficiently.

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Remedies for Breach of Contract

There are three primary remedies for contractual breach, each of which may be applied, depending on the particulars involved.

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